After watching Danica work out in the Celebrity Big Brother garden it appeared for a short while that Jersey Shore’s star The Situation found Rinser Danica Thrall very attractive, saying he liked her accent and said that he thought Danica was hot. But a short while later when it came to a game that the housemates were in to identify and pair housemates to celebrities statements, Julian Clarey and Mike The Situation picked Rhian for “men pay me for my time online” and matching Danica to “I haven’t had any plastic surgery” statement which was the wrong way round. When Big Brother revealed they were wrong, The Situation looked very shocked and surprised.

Danica hit back and said it’s a tiny part of her work interacting with men and women online and in exchange they provide gifts or money. He liked her and then seemed to go right off her when he found out. Jasmine says she would be embarrassed standing in front of a sign saying “men pay me for my time online”. Danica says she was duped into making the Rinsing show as it was going to be called, “Girls On Top” not “Sex,Lies and Rinsing Guys” and the show had been taken out of context. Julian Clarey bought the discussion back down saying “He’s hardly the Virgin Mary himself!” :) Jasmine is now saying that Danica is playing a game and she can see through her. Jasmine went on to say it’s about to turn nasty and she can feel it in the air. According to todays Mirror Jasmine is living up to her name of “Queen Bitch”

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Mike The Situation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danica said the program she was in featured No sex, No Lies and was not happy about it. She also said “Rinsing” is not even a word. Mike the situation seemed to be forgetting how he was feeling later and began chattng to Danica again.

Let’s hope they don’t gang up and turn on the lovely Danica.

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