In this months feature, interviews real life rinser Alexis. In our exclusive interview with the dominatrix rinser who goes by the name Mistress Alexis on her twitter profile, we delve deeper into her world where men just love “her” owning “their” wallets! Alexis sure does like to be spoiled and judging by some of her twitter followers comments, she certainly does this well and truly know’s how to tease them and get what she wants. So lets kick off.

1) How did you get into rinsing Alexis?

A friend of mine was talking about it and it appealed to me.

2) Where did you go to learn all this stuff?

I haven’t learnt much. I just get to know different personalities and what makes them tick. I am who I am and that’s what I use :)

3) How do you find real genuine submissive’s ?

If they are genuine they treat me from the off and we gain proper relationships.

4) Is the control or money part more fun for you ?

Both!! I love the fact I can control my subs and they love to give me their money.

5) Cash or gifts ?

Both :)

 6) How many “money men” have you got right now “working” for you ?


7) Is it important that you enjoy financial domination too ?

Of course! If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be doing it.

8) What do you say to the people against rinsing, you know the one’s that say “lazy” “materialistic” and worse ? What don’t they understand ?

People out there are going to do it. why shouldn’t I? People like this or they wouldn’t treat and pay up. We are all adults.

9) If a wealthy admirer deposited £10,000 into your bank account today, what would you spend it on ?

A holiday and book some courses at uni.

10) What makes a good rinser in your opinion ?

Someone who keeps up relationships with their slaves/subs., they have to gain from it also.

11) How much of your time does the work take up ?

A lot, but I enjoy it. I can have a giggle and talk about things you wouldn’t in everyday circumstances.

12) How often should you tweet?

A lot to gain interest.

13) Can any women do this ? Why ?

NO. you have to enjoy what you are doing. I’ve had msgs asking how to talk and that they are nervous, this I find is the wrong sort of thing to be doing. I am a strong woman and I love to talk about things that are not spoken of really. I am in tune with my sexuality and what turns me on, this isn’t just about money or gifts.

14) How do you get a break with all the other girls competing out there ?

erm……. it’s hard I guess it depends on the individual. If you and your slave click then he’s yours.

15) What do you do to relax ?

I love to read, drink red wine :) go shopping and meals out with the girlies. I also love my animals so walking the dogs and horse riding is great.

 Thanks Alexis!

If you are a guy reading this and like the sound of it all and perhaps want to know how to get Alexis’s attention then she says the first step is a tribute. To tribute a rinser and be worthy of Alexis’s attention (she love’s to be spoilt btw) you can visit her New Amazon wishlist to purchase an item(s) or send her a gift card instead to show her you are serious about this as there are plenty of time wasters.  Next strike up a conversation with her on Alexis’s official twitter account.



This genuine mistress  has one admirer called Matt totally under her spell. She asked him to go without sleep for twenty four hours this weekend to test his limits! Matt did so and enjoyed the experience so much that he even wrote a blog at about his mistress Alexis during the twenty four hours.

Probably feeling quite exhausted he tweeted. “After 23 hours, 50 mins I have 10 mins left to complete my task set by Mistress Alexi and hope iv proved im serious :)

Come back next month when we will be chatting exclusively to Matt.

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Whilst we explore the world of rinsing and in particular the financial domination side a little further, let us take a look at this video on YouTube. The girl in the video above gives an example of how she talks to someone who wants to be rinsed. Other phrases for this are pay pigs, pay piggies, pay puppets, findom, wallet abuse, cash cow, wage slave and many other variant terms which are used as hash-tags on twitter. With rinsing and financial domination more specifically, the man’s kick and turn on is by the way the girl teases and talks to him demanding his money. This girl is scantily dressed and talking very softly and seductively she tells him to go to the ATM and NEXT - ATM Financial Dominationswipe his card and says why don’t you just give me your pin number and let me take out “However” much I want…because ….it doesn’t matter I am going to tease you out of all of it she says.

Most women do not talk to men like this and for some guys who liked to be sexually submissive to rinsers, then surrendering his money to this “powerful” rinser woman is the rush he so desires. To some men this may seem very bizarre but to the men who enjoy participating in financial domination in particular then this is all they crave.

There are other ways that women act out the financial domination role which can be more insulting and depraving where the dominant woman may humiliate the submissive, but again different men do this out of their own choosing and find different ways to satisfaction, but in all cases they enjoy the submission side of their money and wallet to the woman; lavishing and treating the dominant woman like royalty and getting her whatever she desires.

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