Are Rinsers just Gold Diggers & Can You Make A Living Doing This?
Well ask different people and you’ll get different answers. When the term rinsing men came to light in May of this year, many had no idea what the Channel Four program makers were on about. It seems that the shows title was watered down from “Girls On Top” which Danica Thrall revealed was the title that Channel Four had originally planned for the show featuring women who have a knack at controlling men for financial gain.

As with anything in life there are differing degrees and levels of the art of connecting online with men for money and certainly top of the list of women rinsers has to go to Danica who apparently (according to her Amazon Wishlists ) received a £167,059 3.1 Carat Diamond pendant, an Audi TT and much much more from many admirers via her wishlist.

Despite Danica’s success at getting these luxury gifts, according to the “Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys” show a lot of work goes into becoming and being a rinser. However one girl on the show made less than £1000 in a month. So could this be a career for these girls? Can only a few make it? Many girls who carry out the role on twitter come and go and very few have the knack of getting and keeping guys long term interest. Sustaining the online relationship can be a challenge for some, to get the guy to genuinely become someones sugar daddy or money slave takes time, committment, training to suceed when competing with the thousands of other girls for the same attention. Here is an excellent article by blogger and Editor Chelsea Black on her views of the program and the merits of this as a business model. What are your views/experineces? Are you a rinser, are you a submissive, we love to hear comments from you and your views. Please post below.

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Rinser Danica leaving Celebrity Big BrotherAccording to recent reports in Danica Thrall has no intention of closing her Amazon gift wish list down despite getting disapproval of her “Rinsing Men” antics from The Situation and Jasmine Lennard, who branded  Danica a “prostitute” in The Celebrity Big Brother House.
The glamour magazine babe said of her CBB experience: “It’s like going on a long holiday but is a bit more intense, I enjoyed the experience and had an amazing time.”
Danica famed for her modelling career and role in the c4 documentary “Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys” stated that her reputation to ‘rinse’ guys was not going to change along with the fact that she was ‘very happy’ with her boyfriend outside of the CBB house; she went on to say:  “I will continue to keep my Amazon list open and if people want to give me a gift or a gesture then they can.” 

Read more on this revelation here

Is Rinsing Morally Acceptable? – What is your view of a rinser?

Do you agree with Rinsers finding Sugar Daddies and then rinse the guys for money or gifts? This new ‘trend’ seems to divide public opinion.  It’s not only glamour models like Danica who are “Rinsers’ however,  there are many other single mums, students , young and older women who are all seeking to rinse a guy or have some kind of “Sugar Baby” arrangement with these men as a their full time job.

Does rinsing empower women or is it morally wrong? Are the women simply gold diggers? Is a it a case of the guys get a girls time and the girls get the mans gifts or money in exchange for her time and everyone is happy? What do you think? Do you care? Whatever your view, have your say in our rinsing poll or leave your comments below.

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Danica Thrall RinsingCBB evicted housemate Rhian Sugden has backed her friend Danica Thrall in Nuts magazine, after Jasmine Lennard branded Danica a “prostitute”.

The blonde babe Rhian said of her ex housemate friend: “Danica is far from a prostitute! I’m a flirty person – it’s only human – but I know where to draw the line, and I imagine Danica does too.”

Jasmine had issues with both Rhian and Danica whilst in the Big Brother House but really dug the knife into Danica about her role and profession that was featured in the fly on the wall documentary “Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys” . The controversial show demonstrated how she easily makes thousands of pounds in money and presents from Skype calls and her

rinsing amazon wish list

by giving her time to chat with men.

Read more  about this story here.



Danica Thrall Nuts Cover Stars Video

Danica Thrall  Cover Star of nuts magazine, Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys and Celebrity Big Brother shows off her talents in this Video. Love or loathe rinsing, Danica sure is gorgeous.

As a reward for coming to our site, we thought we’d show this other gem of a CBB housemate video we found…cover girl Rhian Sugden in her amazing glamour shoot too. Enjoy!


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Danica Thrall – Looking Fit

We found this video of FHM Rinsing Beauty & Celebrity Big Brother star Danica Thrall looking as fit as ever in this video uploaded by a youtube user.


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After watching Danica work out in the Celebrity Big Brother garden it appeared for a short while that Jersey Shore’s star The Situation found Rinser Danica Thrall very attractive, saying he liked her accent and said that he thought Danica was hot. But a short while later when it came to a game that the housemates were in to identify and pair housemates to celebrities statements, Julian Clarey and Mike The Situation picked Rhian for “men pay me for my time online” and matching Danica to “I haven’t had any plastic surgery” statement which was the wrong way round. When Big Brother revealed they were wrong, The Situation looked very shocked and surprised.

Danica hit back and said it’s a tiny part of her work interacting with men and women online and in exchange they provide gifts or money. He liked her and then seemed to go right off her when he found out. Jasmine says she would be embarrassed standing in front of a sign saying “men pay me for my time online”. Danica says she was duped into making the Rinsing show as it was going to be called, “Girls On Top” not “Sex,Lies and Rinsing Guys” and the show had been taken out of context. Julian Clarey bought the discussion back down saying “He’s hardly the Virgin Mary himself!” :) Jasmine is now saying that Danica is playing a game and she can see through her. Jasmine went on to say it’s about to turn nasty and she can feel it in the air. According to todays Mirror Jasmine is living up to her name of “Queen Bitch”

see filename

Mike The Situation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danica said the program she was in featured No sex, No Lies and was not happy about it. She also said “Rinsing” is not even a word. Mike the situation seemed to be forgetting how he was feeling later and began chattng to Danica again.

Let’s hope they don’t gang up and turn on the lovely Danica.

More on: Totally Big Brother

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danica thrall enters the big brother house ccb bbuk

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Vote for Danica Thrall to win Celebrity Big Brother Here:

Visit the gorgeous Danica Thralls facebook page here

Danica’s Official WishList

Amazon Wish List Here

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Danica who is on Celebrity Brig Brother right now, sprung to fame in the UK on a channel 4 documentary called  Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys
Pamela Anderson Danica Thralls idol

Danica says “I’d love to snog Pamela Anderson. She’s really gorgeous.”

According to The Daily Star the Rinsing Beauty (or GOLD-digger as they put it) Ms Thrall has promised to dump her boyfriend if she meets a hunky celeb in the house.

As well as that revelation she says that she plans to bear the flesh. “I can’t think of anything worse than going into a bath with a bikini on,” she said.

The lingerie model who had a boob job to look like her idol and former baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, will likely cause more a lot more rinsing controversy and revelations during her time in the house, whilst probably at the same time win over many more admiring guys who want to be rinsed.
Danica meanwhile is sure to get pampered on her Amazon wishlist from many new admirers who will eagerly be tuning in to see her charms.
Read more here

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Rhian-Sugden-Black-LatexWell it’s the first day in the Celebrity Big Brother House and it’s already hotting up .Our lovely favourite eycandy Rinser Danica has already been snuggling up in on the bed with fellow model Rhian Sugden.

Big Brother Xtra have just tweeted this picture

Celebrity Big Brother model housemates Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall get into bed together


 Celebrity Big Brother

We wonder if Danica has been giving her some tips on  being a rinser as well as discussing their shared passion of horse riding?

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danica thrall celebrity big brotherWell the 22 year old rinsing beauty – Danica Thrall described as a High Street honey entered the Celebrity Big Brother House this evening. Danica which is Greek for morning star is famed for her staring role in the fly on the wall TV programme called Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys.
Will she be rinsing guys and growing her merry band of twitter followers? Some of whom will be desperate to get a rinsing from Danica.

Entering the show she says she will like to walk around naked in the BB house or with very little on. How will she get on with page 3  girl Rhian Sugden and will Jasmine Lennard  have something to say?
Will she miss her dog called Willie? We are  sure it will be fun to see how she is away from her rinsing role and how others will react at the way she can extract money from guys.

A source of the show revealed that they think Danica would be perfect for the show and said that “Danica is a girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

“She exploits and manipulates and that’s bound to cause trouble in the house when people find out.”Celebrity_Big_Brother_10__Meet_Danica_Thrall

We think Danica may be the dark horse  to win it; meanwhile let’s wait with baited breath to find out more peoples opinions of the documentary in which she featured.

Watch Danica here :

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