Danica Thrall Nuts Cover Stars Video

Danica Thrall  Cover Star of nuts magazine, Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys and Celebrity Big Brother shows off her talents in this Video. Love or loathe rinsing, Danica sure is gorgeous.

As a reward for coming to our site, we thought we’d show this other gem of a CBB housemate video we found…cover girl Rhian Sugden in her amazing glamour shoot too. Enjoy!


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danica thrall celebrity big brotherWell the 22 year old rinsing beauty – Danica Thrall described as a High Street honey entered the Celebrity Big Brother House this evening. Danica which is Greek for morning star is famed for her staring role in the fly on the wall TV programme called Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys.
Will she be rinsing guys and growing her merry band of twitter followers? Some of whom will be desperate to get a rinsing from Danica.

Entering the show she says she will like to walk around naked in the BB house or with very little on. How will she get on with page 3  girl Rhian Sugden and will Jasmine Lennard  have something to say?
Will she miss her dog called Willie? We are  sure it will be fun to see how she is away from her rinsing role and how others will react at the way she can extract money from guys.

A source of the show revealed that they think Danica would be perfect for the show and said that “Danica is a girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

“She exploits and manipulates and that’s bound to cause trouble in the house when people find out.”Celebrity_Big_Brother_10__Meet_Danica_Thrall

We think Danica may be the dark horse  to win it; meanwhile let’s wait with baited breath to find out more peoples opinions of the documentary in which she featured.


Watch Danica here :

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