danica and rhian sexy booty cbb bbukCBB housemates Danica & Rhian stripped off as the sun came out yesterday and had fun and frolics with a water gun. They had lots of fun squirting with a booze gun. The pair showed off their sexy curves after a housemates hot tub party.

The rinsing guys beauty and Rhian looked great together. The party was a reward for a secret task that The Situation had passed.


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Rinser Danica Thrall, known for showing how she makes money on the Internet in the fly on the wall documentary “Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys”, stripped down to her sexy black underwear and high heels in the Big Brother house along with fellow housemate Rhian Sugden to do her party trick crab pose in front of housemates and judges Julie Goodyear and Julian Clarey.

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Rhian-Sugden-Black-LatexWell it’s the first day in the Celebrity Big Brother House and it’s already hotting up .Our lovely favourite eycandy Rinser Danica has already been snuggling up in on the bed with fellow model Rhian Sugden.

Big Brother Xtra have just tweeted this picture

Celebrity Big Brother model housemates Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall get into bed together pic.twitter.com/6Mydnuxl


 Celebrity Big Brother

We wonder if Danica has been giving her some tips on  being a rinser as well as discussing their shared passion of horse riding?

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CBB Housemate Danica Thrall – Who Is She?

Danica Thrall Celebrity Big Brother - Image source make-her-famous.tumblr.comHere at Rinsing.org.uk we have been keeping a close eye on Danica Thrall and the other rinsers in the media but for many it may be the first time they have set eyes on the gorgeous Danica or Danika as her name is commonly misspelt. If it’s this is the case then you obviously don’t read nuts or FHM where she has been creating a stir for some time now.

So if you came here as you want to know more about her, here is some useful information:

Age 24

Star Sign Aires

Home Town Derby

Biography Danica is a model, entrepreneur and star of “Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys.”

Danica’s Wishlist:

She was originally discovered in the year of 2006 when she won the Miss Derby title, and went on to compete in the Miss England competition, where she placed in the Top 10. Danica has been professionally modelling for two years and has appeared on the covers of FHM, Loaded and Nuts in the UK, and US Maxim.

Danica’s growing fame is spreading around the world and she has appeared in many publications in France, Holland, Spain and Thailand.

She has made performances on Elite Nights on Elite TV and on the SuperSexyHeroines.com website as a comic strip super heroine.

She has a twin sister called Sophie, although Sophie hates the limelight and would never model. (Ed..shame :()

She has a little dog called Willie. (Source Big Brother).

Her favourite food is lasagna. Her favourite drink is pink champagne and is a keen dressage horse rider.

Latest Work
Danica is currently working with international lingerie brands OTTO and Pabo.

In May 2012, Danica took part in a documentary called Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys. The show focused on how Danica is using her modelling and entrepreneurial skills to “Rinse Guys” (make money out of men). The documentary caused a massive stir with people both loving and loathing the idea of rinsing men.

Danica uses her Official Twitter and BBM accounts to direct fans to her online wish list where she states what she wants, such as Chanel bags and expensive face creams. She then simply waits for items to be bought for her.

Danica said in Sex Lies and Rising Guys that she wants to “make as much money” as she can.

Love Life:

In today’s Daily Star Danica is quoting as having a property developer boyfriend of three months, but goes on to say “He’s a lovely guy, but if I kiss someone else, then that will be it for us.”

“I’m definitely open to flirting because that’s who I am and I enjoy doing it.” She isn’t even ruling out girl on girl fun she says if the booze flows, “I love flirting with women too. I’m a naturally touchy-feely person with guys and girls.”

News Sources: TV Newsroom


Daily Star

Danica Thrall Pictures

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danica thrall celebrity big brotherWell the 22 year old rinsing beauty – Danica Thrall described as a High Street honey entered the Celebrity Big Brother House this evening. Danica which is Greek for morning star is famed for her staring role in the fly on the wall TV programme called Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys.
Will she be rinsing guys and growing her merry band of twitter followers? Some of whom will be desperate to get a rinsing from Danica.

Entering the show she says she will like to walk around naked in the BB house or with very little on. How will she get on with page 3  girl Rhian Sugden and will Jasmine Lennard  have something to say?
Will she miss her dog called Willie? We are  sure it will be fun to see how she is away from her rinsing role and how others will react at the way she can extract money from guys.

A source of the show revealed that they think Danica would be perfect for the show and said that “Danica is a girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

“She exploits and manipulates and that’s bound to cause trouble in the house when people find out.”Celebrity_Big_Brother_10__Meet_Danica_Thrall

We think Danica may be the dark horse  to win it; meanwhile let’s wait with baited breath to find out more peoples opinions of the documentary in which she featured.


Watch Danica here :

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