Danica who is on Celebrity Brig Brother right now, sprung to fame in the UK on a channel 4 documentary called  Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys
Pamela Anderson Danica Thralls idol

Danica says “I’d love to snog Pamela Anderson. She’s really gorgeous.”

According to The Daily Star the Rinsing Beauty (or GOLD-digger as they put it) Ms Thrall has promised to dump her boyfriend if she meets a hunky celeb in the house.

As well as that revelation she says that she plans to bear the flesh. “I can’t think of anything worse than going into a bath with a bikini on,” she said.

The lingerie model who had a boob job to look like her idol and former baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, will likely cause more a lot more rinsing controversy and revelations during her time in the house, whilst probably at the same time win over many more admiring guys who want to be rinsed.
Danica meanwhile is sure to get pampered on her Amazon wishlist from many new admirers who will eagerly be tuning in to see her charms.
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