Many girls and guys come across rinsing and it has some appeal either way, but many are not sure how to get into it or where to find these people. The guy likes to spend his money on the girl and the rinser girl enjoys the power she has over the man, so it’s a win win situation for certain people. But where do they start? Rinsing men is a term that is used by lots of newbies due to its exposure on TV but not many newcomers will not have come across  the term financial domination until they explore a little more into this matter.

Financial domination and control or findom as it is sometimes shortened to is taking the rinsing guys thing to a deeper level. A financial dominatrix has a mission of taking control of the guys bank account. As well as the gifts, new clothes, shoes and more she enjoys the cold hard cash and other things that need to be looked after and taken care of in her life…shopping trips, beauty trips, holidays etc etc. So how do you find guys that like to be truly “rinsed” and treated like this?

The first step for many successful dominatrices is to set up a twitter account to use for this purpose. However some people take it a stage further and set up a blog spot or word press blog and or head over to YouTube and upload a short intro video to entice men who may be  searching for or stumble upon the Domination theme. The latter is very good way to get lots followers!

For example lets take a look at this newbie Miss Foxx first time Financial Dominatrix video from YouTube:

At the time of writing this article the introduction video from Miss Foxx had a few views short of 4000 in a little over two months. A lot of these viewers will likely convert into real twitter followers and eventually into “owned”  men, that will enjoy being humiliated and want to continue be spending money on Miss Foxx. These guy’s goal will be to constantly please and worship her.

A quick look at Miss Foxx blog and you will see that she is very creative in her venture:  She set a competition for guys to bid for her attention!

“Ok so My McDonalds Griller bitch (Pakloser) had earned enough Foxxy points for R/T session this weekend. He has paid for My 5 star £250 hotel room in London and we had it all arranged but NOW the loser tells Me he can’t make it so that means Foxxy will be all alone…

So for this incredibly rare and one time only opportunity, I am open to ONE R/T 1 hour session for the highest bidder at a top hotel in a very affluent area of the capital.”

Here is the result of Miss Foxx’s competition:

It must be pointed out that many girls only chat and meet guys online and never have the need to meet them in person so this girls journey is not a typical one as she also has an amazon wishlist and sells clips from her site so there are lots of ways to financially dominate and use femdom humiliation without the need to ever meet up.


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