Whilst we explore the world of rinsing and in particular the financial domination side a little further, let us take a look at this video on YouTube. The girl in the video above gives an example of how she talks to someone who wants to be rinsed. Other phrases for this are pay pigs, pay piggies, pay puppets, findom, wallet abuse, cash cow, wage slave and many other variant terms which are used as hash-tags on twitter. With rinsing and financial domination more specifically, the man’s kick and turn on is by the way the girl teases and talks to him demanding his money. This girl is scantily dressed and talking very softly and seductively she tells him to go to the ATM and NEXT - ATM Financial Dominationswipe his card and says why don’t you just give me your pin number and let me take out “However” much I want…because ….it doesn’t matter I am going to tease you out of all of it she says.

Most women do not talk to men like this and for some guys who liked to be sexually submissive to rinsers, then surrendering his money to this “powerful” rinser woman is the rush he so desires. To some men this may seem very bizarre but to the men who enjoy participating in financial domination in particular then this is all they crave.

There are other ways that women act out the financial domination role which can be more insulting and depraving where the dominant woman may humiliate the submissive, but again different men do this out of their own choosing and find different ways to satisfaction, but in all cases they enjoy the submission side of their money and wallet to the woman; lavishing and treating the dominant woman like royalty and getting her whatever she desires.

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