We often get asked how to rinse guys, but the best people to ask are usually the people being rinsed themselves to get a better idea of exactly what they want, rather than ask the rinsers who conduct the rinsing and financial domination activity.
There are many different types of rinsing and rinsers for that matter and this article  focuses on the financial domination side. There’s a well known common sense marketing tip that all successful businesses adhere to and that is to, “Find out what the market wants and give it to them.”  Sounds simple doesn’t it and it is really. So, in our quest to find the best answers or a “how to guide”  we came across these tips in a forum post on how to rinse guys at Holliecapper.com website.

It’s a very infomative article from a man’s point of view on rinsing.


How To Rinse Guys – Tips From A Man On Rinsers

Give a girl a designer handbag and she will be happy for a moment. Teach her to rinse guys and she will be happy for ever.   Ryan Guy, May 2012.

I am a guy who dabbles in being rinsed by girls who know what they want. I arrived (as do many other guys) at financial domination as an extension to my humiliation fetish. I would like to share with you the benefit of my experience.

1. You may want to keep your real life separate from your rinsing activity. Think about using a alias – a name for your financial dominatrix character. Assume a title that you like, e.g.Lady, Goddess, Mistress, Princess.

2. Create an email address, twitter and skype account to make contact with guys. This helps to keep things nice and tidy.

3. Create an amazon wishlist on the UK site – www.amazon.co.uk – otherwise UK guys cannot buy you gifts! Logically, if you’d like to rinse Americans then you will need one on amazon.com as well as .co.uk.

4. Decide on your limits. What are you comfortable doing? Just online financial domination? Or real life in person as well? Make your own rules from the beginning. Stick to them.

5. Create a “menu” of Skype sessions available. Decide on your rates (e.g. £20 per 10 mins). For example:
a. Foot session – you don’t even need to show your face! Just set the cam on your feet; maybe take requests on what socks/stockings/shoes/boots to wear.
b. Verbal degradation session – simply be really mean to the guy. This is a personal favourite of mine! Don’t be scared to just rip him apart. Enjoy taking the p*ss out of him. Throw loser signs at him, give him the middle finger. Let him know how worthless he is. That’s what I enjoy anyway :p (editors note..our poll suggests that this is the biggest turn on for the guys :))
c. Cuckold session – get your boyfriend involved! This is the best reminder to the guy that he is below you and does not deserve you because he’s not a real man, unlike your boyfriend that is.
d. Smoke session – why just smoke, why not smoke and earn?
e. Ignore session – you’d better believe it!! Some guys pay to be ignored. It is an extension to the worthlessness theme. They love that they don’t even deserve your attention.
f. Tip – you could tell him to keep both his hands in view so you know he isn’t being naughty.

6. Webcam verify yourself with a financial domination website. Trust is a major issue when it comes to a guy splashing money about. The industry is riddled with fakes. By proving you are who you say you are by webcam verification at one of the following sites:
a. www.findoms.com
b. www.myfinancialdommespce.com

These sites give you a stamp of approval that gives guys more confidence to spoil you.

7. It may also be handy to create a quick free website (e.g. moonfruit.com) to present yourself.

8. Find some guys to rinse!
(Note – personally I am pretty much broke at the moment. This is my gift tho!)

On twitter @ryanguy6. Source

Thank you Ryan, some very good tips on how to rinse men here and we have to thank you for sharing and hope it inspires or helps new “Rinsers” out there to give the guys exactly they want. If you think that others may find this article useful then please share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinteret using the share icons at the top of the post. We love to hear feedback and comments on this site, so for any other men or women who want to give their perspective on this subject then please leave your comments or contact us to publish your post, ideas or otherwise check out our latest poll.

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