Whist the topic of rinsing can divide opinion entirely for the people outside of the “scene”, there are many involved in it that do enjoy being rinsed by girls. The channel four programme showed some forms of rinsing and gave a glimpse of one of the biggest rinsing crazes out there, which has a huge underground  following right now. It’s called humiliation or domination. These men enjoy being teased and in most cases used (verbally abused) and “rinsed” of their cash.

If you head over to twitter you’ll see that there is a thriving “dominatrix” genre in the community along with it a merry band of loyal male followers and a lot of  sub-humiliation or fetish themes. Search for #Foot worship and you’ll see it’s popular with lot’s of guys. Yes “Foot slaves worship”, is what these men want to see..foot worship pictures, foot worship videos, foot slave stories, closeup toes images or anything feet related from their “foot master” and will happily pay a “goddess” to show them their painted nails or feet. Then there are the others who may get a kick from chatting to a strict mistress or  blackmail mistresses and looking at her mistress tube videos. (Once they have paid of course). There are too many others to go into in this article but some even including an ignore fetish or humiliation, where guy pays to be ignored! Perhaps to offset too much attention in the day? :)

To some girls who may need cash or may think that it is easy cash, then think again! You may desire the lifestyle, but if you go to twitter (which is the main platform for this scene) and have a look for Goddess, Mistress, femdoms for example or any other such term, you will see hundreds if not thousands of girls already doing  this on twitter regularly on a day to day basis. Plenty of these girls have a  huge amount of followers. It would be naïve therefore, to think that the cash will come in quickly to start with, you’ll need to be found! The girls that seem to be most successful at the whole thing have built a strong following and interact with their followers regularly which takes time.

Men who love Rinsers

Some onlookers may see the women as villains in all of this, but to those outside who do not fully understand it and making judgement; these sorts of submissive men who are into being rinsed are salivating and hungry to pamper and spoil these women rotten and chose to do so.  Yes it does play on the men’s vulnerabilities in some kind of way and to others it may seem exploitative, disgusting or perhaps seedy? Make no mistake though, these girls who get gifts or money from the guys by using their charm have to be good at the art as the men will easily spot a fake. With these hungry men wanting their desire fulfilled, then aren’t these women simply fulfilling someones need? What’s your view?

In closing, it is fair to say that many men have been “buying women’s” attention in some form or other for generations and will continue to do so. Wealthy “Sugar Daddies” have always enjoyed having the attention of “Sugar Baby” women, but perhaps the tide is turning now and guys are bored with usual forms of dating and are getting into this growing fetish phenomenon? Who knows, but since the inception of the internet and more recently social media, rinsing men is unlikely to change anytime soon.