One search for the word domination or femdom which is one of the kinks for the guy being rinsed judging by our poll and you soon come accross many sites like this one Here one of the girls shows off the art of manipulation and extracting a man of his money…

English: Female in charge. Femdom pic.

English: Female in charge. Femdom pic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the kind of words the woman will use. “The day has finally come LOSER! You paid £1,000 to DANIELLE goddess in your presence, it is mounted to your apartment in London for an interactive session of humiliation and as her biggest fan, you are completely submerged in the incredible nature of how she looks in the flesh… However, £1,000 is not enough. Did you really think that it would be?” The second she walked in you have been frozen on the couch. You cannot do anything…….

You are being RINSED beyond imagination!
RINSED By DANIELLEextracts from

Happy Rinse hunting guys!

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