Miss Foxx delivers a very hypnotic performance in this YouTube video as she advances in her abilities to financially dominate or “financially destroy” you in her own words. It is a dangerous path for someone to follow, however the intention of Miss Foxx’s excellent delivery is to ensure it get guys (or girls?) to associate everything that they do is geared towards pleasing (financially) Miss Foxx and become submissive to her and only her! If you are good she says you can be her doggy. Your one and only purpose is total devotion and “to make me rich” she goes on to say. Miss Foxx truly has mastered the art of delivery, timing, poise and belief that she is serious very serious about this and it is real; she is no faker, pay up and enjoy her controlling you and especially your bank account. If you are luck she may even give you her phone number! Her dramatic performance is very hard to pull off and most newbies into rinsing or financial domination are clueless when it come to this and if not good at the whole believability thing will not gain the mans interest long enough.

The video uses some weird hypnotic kind of chanting music and her movements with her necklace biting it, holding it and moving in her seductive voice makes it all very erotic to the man who mixes up his own arousal with the belief of serving, worshiping, obeying and ultimately making Miss Foxx financially better off! Make no mistake this is not that easy to  pull off but this girl is very believable.

Not only is Miss Foxx attractive, but she uses her cleavage to great effect with the promise of getting to know her better if you are worthy. All characteristics needed to become a good rinser girl. As rinser girls do not need to use nudity or sex to get what they want, teasing perhaps yes, but just the promise of adoration and worship and the “serving” of her as the goddess is the sexual arousal reward for her followers. Its all very seductive and certainly gets into the mix of arousal in the followers head. The follower as a “puppy” or “doggie” to Miss Foxx will be trained as she likes to have you as her pet. So if you want financial destruction, do not say you have not been warned as this girl is good, very good at what she does with the tension and eroticism she portrays.

The classic part of the rinser persona is that the man is beneath her. The man is a loser who in the real world would not stand the chance of getting attention from a girl like the one doing the rinsing, A mix of insults delivered in a a seductive yet soft voice is a powerful aphrodisiac for the man who by now some how forgets the promise of his financial ruin.

Be very careful about what you wish for as financial domination may be harmful to your relationships and bank account and more. Especially if someone like Miss Foxx gets you under her spell!



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