Rinser Danica leaving Celebrity Big BrotherAccording to recent reports in EntertainmentWise.com Danica Thrall has no intention of closing her Amazon gift wish list down despite getting disapproval of her “Rinsing Men” antics from The Situation and Jasmine Lennard, who branded  Danica a “prostitute” in The Celebrity Big Brother House.
The glamour magazine babe said of her CBB experience: “It’s like going on a long holiday but is a bit more intense, I enjoyed the experience and had an amazing time.”
Danica famed for her modelling career and role in the c4 documentary “Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys” stated that her reputation to ‘rinse’ guys was not going to change along with the fact that she was ‘very happy’ with her boyfriend outside of the CBB house; she went on to say:  “I will continue to keep my Amazon list open and if people want to give me a gift or a gesture then they can.” 

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Is Rinsing Morally Acceptable? – What is your view of a rinser?

Do you agree with Rinsers finding Sugar Daddies and then rinse the guys for money or gifts? This new ‘trend’ seems to divide public opinion.  It’s not only glamour models like Danica who are “Rinsers’ however,  there are many other single mums, students , young and older women who are all seeking to rinse a guy or have some kind of “Sugar Baby” arrangement with these men as a their full time job.

Does rinsing empower women or is it morally wrong? Are the women simply gold diggers? Is a it a case of the guys get a girls time and the girls get the mans gifts or money in exchange for her time and everyone is happy? What do you think? Do you care? Whatever your view, have your say in our rinsing poll or leave your comments below.

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