Big Brother beauty Danica Thrall was reduced to tears after being branded a prostitute by Jasmine Lennard.
The Danica Thrall Twitter Rinsing GuysBlonde babe who stared in Sex Lies and …. was reduced to tears by fellow housemate and potential first evictee Jasmine Lennard.

Jasmine slammed Danica’s job, saying she was no better than a prostitute.

“Aren’t your parents ashamed of you?”

Jasmine went on to make Danica cry.

Danica hit the headlines after she appearing in a c4 documentary. In the show, Danica she revealed how she charges men to talk to her online and often encourages them to buy her expensive gifts.

Despite Jasmine’s attack, Danica said she had got nothing to be ashamed of. Hitting back: “I’m not in here to show people the real me.

“I’m comfortable with what I do for a living.” she said. Good on you Danica! What Jasmine does not realise is that men enjoy lavish you with gifts otherwise they would not do it, would they? Good luck to you girl! Don’t worry Danica you are much loved here.

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