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Miss Foxx as featured before is a very seductive young lady who knows how to grab attention. Getting sucked into her spell might get you funding her lavish lifestyle of exotic travel, luxury shopping trips, paying bills or just providing her with plain old cash. Miss Foxx will want you to have a reason for your “hard work” and that is to start funding her lifestyle. Be warned if you open your wallet for her she will most likely drain you of your cash with her seductive charms.

Rinsing and financial domination is an artform that many try and few master. Miss Foxx it appears, truly does.

Miss Foxx delivers a very hypnotic performance in this YouTube video as she advances in her abilities to financially dominate or “financially destroy” you in her own words. It is a dangerous path for someone to follow, however the intention of Miss Foxx’s excellent delivery is to ensure it get guys (or girls?) to associate everything that they do is geared towards pleasing (financially) Miss Foxx and become submissive to her and only her! If you are good she says you can be her doggy. Your one and only purpose is total devotion and “to make me rich” she goes on to say. Miss Foxx truly has mastered the art of delivery, timing, poise and belief that she is serious very serious about this and it is real; she is no faker, pay up and enjoy her controlling you and especially your bank account. If you are luck she may even give you her phone number! Her dramatic performance is very hard to pull off and most newbies into rinsing or financial domination are clueless when it come to this and if not good at the whole believability thing will not gain the mans interest long enough.

The video uses some weird hypnotic kind of chanting music and her movements with her necklace biting it, holding it and moving in her seductive voice makes it all very erotic to the man who mixes up his own arousal with the belief of serving, worshiping, obeying and ultimately making Miss Foxx financially better off! Make no mistake this is not that easy to  pull off but this girl is very believable.

Not only is Miss Foxx attractive, but she uses her cleavage to great effect with the promise of getting to know her better if you are worthy. All characteristics needed to become a good rinser girl. As rinser girls do not need to use nudity or sex to get what they want, teasing perhaps yes, but just the promise of adoration and worship and the “serving” of her as the goddess is the sexual arousal reward for her followers. Its all very seductive and certainly gets into the mix of arousal in the followers head. The follower as a “puppy” or “doggie” to Miss Foxx will be trained as she likes to have you as her pet. So if you want financial destruction, do not say you have not been warned as this girl is good, very good at what she does with the tension and eroticism she portrays.

The classic part of the rinser persona is that the man is beneath her. The man is a loser who in the real world would not stand the chance of getting attention from a girl like the one doing the rinsing, A mix of insults delivered in a a seductive yet soft voice is a powerful aphrodisiac for the man who by now some how forgets the promise of his financial ruin.

Be very careful about what you wish for as financial domination may be harmful to your relationships and bank account and more. Especially if someone like Miss Foxx gets you under her spell!



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Is Caggie a Made In Chelsea Rinser?

New Cast Members L-R; Victoria, Oliver, Chloe,...

New Cast Members L-R; Victoria, Oliver, Chloe, Louise and Jamie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its not just the guys in Hollyoaks that explore rinsing storylines, Rosie wonders if Francis is embarrassed about getting ‘rinsed’ by Caggie in this clip from Made In Chelsea.

Ep1: Was Francis ‘Rinsed’?

More from Made In Chelsea on e4 here.

Hollyoaks – Holly wants to become a Rinser.

Hollyoaks babe, Holly told her on screen mum Cindy Longford this week that she has her sights set on becoming a rinser girl.

It is sure set to cause some fireworks and we look forward to seeing how her exciting character and this story pans out and how she evolves and develops her rinsing abilities.


Read more on this story here:




Are Rinsers just Gold Diggers & Can You Make A Living Doing This?
Well ask different people and you’ll get different answers. When the term rinsing men came to light in May of this year, many had no idea what the Channel Four program makers were on about. It seems that the shows title was watered down from “Girls On Top” which Danica Thrall revealed was the title that Channel Four had originally planned for the show featuring women who have a knack at controlling men for financial gain.

As with anything in life there are differing degrees and levels of the art of connecting online with men for money and certainly top of the list of women rinsers has to go to Danica who apparently (according to her Amazon Wishlists ) received a £167,059 3.1 Carat Diamond pendant, an Audi TT and much much more from many admirers via her wishlist.

Despite Danica’s success at getting these luxury gifts, according to the “Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys” show a lot of work goes into becoming and being a rinser. However one girl on the show made less than £1000 in a month. So could this be a career for these girls? Can only a few make it? Many girls who carry out the role on twitter come and go and very few have the knack of getting and keeping guys long term interest. Sustaining the online relationship can be a challenge for some, to get the guy to genuinely become someones sugar daddy or money slave takes time, committment, training to suceed when competing with the thousands of other girls for the same attention. Here is an excellent article by blogger and Editor Chelsea Black on her views of the program and the merits of this as a business model. What are your views/experineces? Are you a rinser, are you a submissive, we love to hear comments from you and your views. Please post below.

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New To Rinsing & Financial Domination?

Many girls and guys come across rinsing and it has some appeal either way, but many are not sure how to get into it or where to find these people. The guy likes to spend his money on the girl and the rinser girl enjoys the power she has over the man, so it’s a win win situation for certain people. But where do they start? Rinsing men is a term that is used by lots of newbies due to its exposure on TV but not many newcomers will not have come across  the term financial domination until they explore a little more into this matter.


Financial domination and control or findom as it is sometimes shortened to is taking the rinsing guys thing to a deeper level. A financial dominatrix has a mission of taking control of the guys bank account. As well as the gifts, new clothes, shoes and more she enjoys the cold hard cash and other things that need to be looked after and taken care of in her life…shopping trips, beauty trips, holidays etc etc. So how do you find guys that like to be truly “rinsed” and treated like this?

The first step for many successful dominatrices is to set up a twitter account to use for this purpose. However some people take it a stage further and set up a blog spot or word press blog and or head over to YouTube and upload a short intro video to entice men who may be  searching for or stumble upon the Domination theme. The latter is very good way to get lots followers!

For example lets take a look at this newbie Miss Foxx first time Financial Dominatrix video from YouTube:

At the time of writing this article the introduction video from Miss Foxx had a few views short of 4000 in a little over two months. A lot of these viewers will likely convert into real twitter followers and eventually into “owned”  men, that will enjoy being humiliated and want to continue be spending money on Miss Foxx. These guy’s goal will be to constantly please and worship her.

A quick look at Miss Foxx blog and you will see that she is very creative in her venture:  She set a competition for guys to bid for her attention!

“Ok so My McDonalds Griller bitch (Pakloser) had earned enough Foxxy points for R/T session this weekend. He has paid for My 5 star £250 hotel room in London and we had it all arranged but NOW the loser tells Me he can’t make it so that means Foxxy will be all alone…

So for this incredibly rare and one time only opportunity, I am open to ONE R/T 1 hour session for the highest bidder at a top hotel in a very affluent area of the capital.”

Here is the result of Miss Foxx’s competition:

It must be pointed out that many girls only chat and meet guys online and never have the need to meet them in person so this girls journey is not a typical one as she also has an amazon wishlist and sells clips from her site so there are lots of ways to financially dominate and use femdom humiliation without the need to ever meet up.


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The Fantasy Of Humiliation

English: A male submissive tied up and humilia...

English: A male submissive tied up and humiliated by three women at Exxxotica 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As humiliation seems to be a popular fetish from a guy’s point of view, we asked many “slaves” some questions in the hope that it may convey exactly how it feels for them to be humiliated and the fantasy and thrill that they get from this.  We have picked the best two and hopefully the answers provided will formulate an interesting and engaging Blog post that may help others who perhaps may want to understand or may be looking to get into what these men do and enjoy themselves.  There must be many people who may be unwilling to divulge their urges and inner fantasies and have latent desires waiting to come out. These men have acted on their desires and are living the fantasy; but is reality better than the fantasy? We will let you decide, here are their answers.

The men share share their side’s of the story.

Interview with :@PTspuppypenny

What makes people get into this humiliation fantasy do you think?

I think that the feelings of inadequacy and submissiveness go hand in hand with humiliation. Humiliation isn’t in my opinion a far cry from emasculation, and personally, I see the idea of being someones submissive a lot to do with emasculation, I think the want or need to be humiliated stems from that.

How did you personally get into this fantasy? How did it evolve? Tell us your journey.

I wasn’t personally a huge fan of humiliation. After meeting my Princess Torrii, we engaged in “Puppy Play“. After being given a puppy name, and being made to beg, seeing how delighted it made her it sort of made me, emasculated, yes, humiliated, very, but I was willing to endure it for her amusement.

What I get out of being humiliated’ is more, a sense of purpose knowing she’s happy.

Does the urge for humiliation get stronger after the first time?

Personally for me, no, but I do enjoy it more than I used too.

Would you say that you are naturally a submissive type of person?

Not in the slightest, in my “vanilla” life I’m extremely dominant, I tend to take charge of most relationships, friendly or personal, and I have a manual, manly job. I find being a submissive and devoting myself to someone else an escape as much as I do it for pleasure.

How is your humiliation conducted?

Usually by a very very long and drawn out grovelling session, begging, embarrassing pictures she requests, anything that will amuse her and degrade me I see as humiliation.

What’s the thrill and satisfaction for you?

As I stated earlier, the thrill and satisfaction in humiliation for me, is knowing I’m being emasculated and humiliated for my owner Princess Torrii’s amusement and own personal gratification. She loves me groveling because she feels adored.

Tell us a bit about current or favourite Domme if you have one?

My domme is Princess Torrii, she classes herself not as a domme but a cash princess. She can be strict, cruel, calculated, dominant, but also sweet, funny, charming, incredibly thoughtful and has intelligence and beauty in total spades. She’s a joy to serve and I love doing it, and hopefully will be able too for many weeks, months, if I’m so lucky, years to come.

What is it she does that you enjoy most?

I love the fact we can have chats about her likes and dislikes, she lets me get away with a little tiny amount of cheek sometimes, but then the moment I’m getting unruly or too cheeky, she can very lovingly and affectionately, yet firmly steer me back to my hands and knees with a “now now puppy”

If your Domme asked you to put a label on yourself what would it be?

Princess Torrii’s Puppy Penny.

What type of verbal humiliation do you enjoy most?

Anything involving Puppy Play or sissification.

Do you know your place with your Domme? What would sorts of thing would she do to put you back in your place if you ever step out of line?

I try to as best I can but sometimes no. If I step out of line I will be verbally scolded as a bad puppy, and made to beg, grovel, tribute, and apologize until she thought I’d learned my lesson. Puppy Training.

Explain what your weakness towards your Domme does for you?

I love knowing she’s superior, I’m a handful to take on, most dommes wouldn’t, because I’m not naturally submissive, but I have such a weak spot for her, it’s a thrill being sort out ‘out played’ and ‘out witted’ just by her smile and a few witty intelligent words and a command. It’s a total rush serving her.

How would you describe your relationship with your Domme?

Excellent, one of a kind and a long term arrangement. I feel any relationship, girlfriend, friend, or ~D/S is something you need to click with like anything else. She and I just happened to click, and after we clicked, she clicked the collar round my neck. I’ve been happy since.

Some people outside the scene would not understand the thrill of a dominatrix making fun of you or humiliating you as a fantasy? Is it because other stuff arouses them in different ways and is quite boring to you perhaps?

I wouldn’t say so. I’m like any other guy, I do really really enjoy my sex. Up until very recently, I was juggling both an active sex life, and serving my princess. It so happens she’s now said no sex until she decides, boo-hoo for me. But I think the thrill for everyone comes from different things to that specific person. I’d urge anyone outside the scene to be open minded about everything BDSM related, and give it a go. Who knows?

Does/would sexual humiliation, make you feel less of a man? Whets the thrill there?

I think a lot of our relationship is in some way emasculating. The thrill for me is again, knowing my owner takes pleasure out of the fact she’s getting someone usually manly and alpha male-ish under her control and having him emasculate himself for her. I think it’s as much a thrill for her as me.

For how long did you have the humiliation urges before you acted on them?

I didn’t. I got my domme, and it sprouted from that. I’ve not looked back.

Do you feel any regret, guilt or other feelings having got into this lifestyle?

I don’t, my bank account does, financial domination is an edge very few will enjoy but, with that much emphasis placed on money = power nowadays, I find it the ultimate power exchange.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it’s got something you can use, and I would like any credit to go to my beautiful owner Princess Torrii


Interview with  @Kiras_slave

I hope I could give interesting answers to most of the questions. As you will notice probably, English isn’t my mother language. I hope everything is understandable. I’d love to get your feedback. If you have other questions or want me to develop some point just tell me.

With devotion

Slave d

Can you please tell us what type of humiliation fantasy you enjoy?

I think it’s important to make a distinction between online and “live” or “real” games. I do both, but I present myself a bit differently live or online.

Online: I like to get degrading orders which involves most of the time dirty components. I like bizarre games following the motto “how far would I go for my Mistress”. It can involve anal play, food play, or even toilet games. I can do this online, because if it goes too far, it’s easier to stop it. I also enjoy very much taking pictures of myself, where I look very submissive or humiliated. I like those pictures to have some “esthetic” quality and to expose them on specific sites.

Live: I enjoy tremendously the beginning of a session, to kneel in front of my Mistress, to get naked, to greet her on my knees, kissing or licking her shoes. Then I also enjoy obeying every order, but it doesn’t have to be as humiliating as online. I like for example to clean her flat, to serve her in small things, just being treated like a slave, naked, collared… Sometimes though, I also like to do very degrading things to prove my devotion: so I already cleaned my Mistress toilets with my tongue, or serve as a toilet myself. For that it has to be a very special and intimate relation with the Mistress.

Online I could serve nearly every Mistress spontaneously, live I can only serve one special Mistress, with whom I have a special relationship which has to get built up. In both case it’s also a pleasure to get some compliments for accomplishing a task. The crazier the task accomplished the sweeter the compliments…

What makes people get into this humiliation fantasy do you think?

Hard to say, maybe the pleasure to give the lead to someone else, to lose control, the thrill of the question “what will come next?” or “how far can it go”? As I wrote before, the compliments from a Mistress to a slave accomplishing a test is like a reward, a recognition, which makes want to go further…

How did you personally get into this fantasy? How did it evolve? Tell us your journey.

I started to have submission fantasies as a teenager. I was shy and had little self-esteem. Probably I’m still like that deeply inside, even though I also have a normal life, where I’m doing quite well personally professionally, even sentimentally…

Does the urge for humiliation get stronger after the first time?

It developed itself slowly, because at the beginning I felt kind of guilty. It took time and yes, it did get stronger by the time

Would you say that you are naturally a submissive type of person?

Yes, even though as I say, I also live a normal life, where I can look for my interests

Tell us a bit about current or favourite Domme if you have one?

A beautiful Mistress about 30 with Thai origins, but who grew up in the city where I live. She is a mix of sensuality, charm, dominance and weird or nasty fantasies. I’ve been serving her real for about 8 years now, with pauses as I can’t afford my fantasies all the time

What is it she does that you enjoy most?

Using me as a toilet, making me clean her city-shoes,

If your Domme asked you to put a label on yourself what would it be?

Just: HER slave

What type of verbal humiliation do you enjoy most?

I like to be called slave or to be reminded how low I am. But I don’t like vulgarity.

Tell us about some online humiliation experience that you enjoyed.

I was once online the whole night on yahoo messenger; I had to be naked, collared and have a status line telling Mistresses to “buzz” me for their pleasure. It happened a few times and I had to creep half sleepy in front of the cam to get laughed at. Otherwise many dirty games where I had to stuff my ass with food, and even eat it…

Do you know your place with your Domme? What would sorts of thing would she do to put you back in your place if you ever step out of line?

She would ignore me for a while…

How would you describe your relationship with your Domme?

I surely feel some affection for her as a person. I surely felt a bit in love with her at some point. She probably likes me as well, but but not as I did. So I learned to separate my sub life from my normal life. Now I consider her like a Goddess, I have to worship and serve.

Some people outside the scene would not understand the thrill of a dominatrix making fun of you or humiliating you as a fantasy? Is it because other stuff arouses them in different ways and is quite boring to you perhaps?

Very possible, I always found classical porn films boring. Even normal sex is not what I enjoy most. By a woman I fantasize more about her feet and legs than about her tit.

Does/would sexual humiliation, make you feel less of a man? Whats the thrill there?

No, I still feel like a man, even quite a normal one

For how long did you have the humiliation urges before you acted on them?

I can’t say as it is an evolutive process

Do you feel any regret, guilt or other feelings having got into this lifestyle?

I did, but now I don’t… at least not because of humiliation, I do when I spend too much money on that

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I am no money slave, I would enjoy the same fantasies if I could do it for free, but a positive thing with having to pay is that it gives a limit…


We hope that the answers give an insight into the somewhat taboo or as Princes Torrii puts its so well, the “cat and mouse game” of  humiliation fetish.

Whilst Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) - Blogging...flicking through some books on money creation, I re-read a book that has been an international best seller called “Think And Grow Rich” by the great American author Napoleon Hill. The book written in 1937 had sold more than 70,000,000 copies by the tine of the authors death in 1970. Interviews and influences from wealthy innovators such Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, W. Clement Stone, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Woolworth and Wrigley helped the author distill wisdom and publish thirteen steps to wealth.

Now you may wondering what an earth this old fantastic and legendary book has to do with rinsing ? Well nothing as such, except when it comes to psychology and  revealing what men’s biggest motivation in life is. Take a look at the excerpt below to see what I mean from the chapter on “sex transmutation”, entitled: How Women Get Their Power.

Here is the Excerpt:

Man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman! The hunter who excelled during prehistoric days, before the dawn of civilization, did so, because of his desire to appear great in the eyes of woman. Man’s nature has not changed in this respect. The “hunter” of today brings home no skins of wild animals, but he indicates his desire for her favor by supplying fine clothes, motor cars, and wealth. Man has the same desire to please woman that he had before the dawn of civilization. The only thing that has changed, is his method of pleasing. Men who accumulate large fortunes, and attain to great heights of power and fame, do so, mainly, to satisfy their desire to please women. Take women out of their lives, and great wealth would be useless to most men. It is this inherent desire of man to please woman, which gives woman the power to make or break a man.

The woman who understands man’s nature and tactfully caters to it, need have no fear of competition from other women. Men may be “giants” with indomitable will-power when dealing with other men, but they are easily managed by the women of their choice.

Most men will not admit that they are easily influenced by the women they prefer, because it is in the nature of the male to want to be recognized as the stronger of the species. Moreover, the intelligent woman recognizes this “manly trait” and very wisely makes no issue of it.

Some men know that they are being influenced by the women of their choice–their wives, sweethearts, mothers or sisters–but they tactfully refrain from rebelling against the influence because they are intelligent enough to know that NO MAN IS HAPPY OR COMPLETE WITHOUT THE MODIFYING INFLUENCE OF THE RIGHT WOMAN. The man who does not recognize this important truth deprives himself of the power which has done more to help men achieve success than all other forces combined.

Excerpt source:

Interesting, particularly the last sentence of first paragraph:

“It is this inherent desire of man to please woman, which gives woman the power to make or break a man.”

And the second paragraph:

“The woman who understands man’s nature and tactfully caters to it, need have no fear of competition from other women. Men may be “giants” with indomitable will-power when dealing with other men, but they are easily managed by the women of their choice.”


In this months “inside rinsing” exclusive interview, we follow on from our interview with Alexis and gain an insight into life as her “slave”. Matt @Mattp366 on twitter, a real life submissive who blogged about the fact that he said he’d searched for over a year to find a girl that truly understands the reasons guys enjoy findommes rinsing and controlling them, says that he is so happy he found Alexis.

So without further ado, lets kick the interview off.

1) Hi Matt, how did you get into the rinsing fantasy?

I originally got into call ‘Tv girls’ now and again after I split from my girlfriend a couple of years back. I think it was good to feel I had a women in my life still and made me feel good. I then started calling almost everyday and after 6 months or so I was calling each day. And things progressed from there as I started being dominated over the phone and really enjoyed having someone control me.

2) Do most guys into this have a naturally submissive nature towards girls do you think?

I can only speak for myself but I don’t think so as I am not submissive in everyday life at all. I was a head chef in a busy kitchen for the best part of 4 years and was in control of 7-8 chefs each day. I generally don’t like being told what to do but I really enjoy having a Mistress controlling me 24/7.

3) Is it that some guys are intrigued when a girl is not accessible or untouchable then?

No I think its totally a power thing and that they really enjoy the fact that the women has 100% control.

4) What’s the thrill and satisfaction for you?

Power! Its a great feeling to know you have a Mistress who controls your life :).

5) So is it the tease, humiliation, seduction, surrender or manipulation that is the most powerful part of it?

Again everybody has different fantasies but I love humiliation / tease / manipulation as I feel it makes the women feel most powerful and in control.

6) How hard is it for guys like you who enjoy the scene to find money dommes who truly understand the art of financial domination?

Very hard, I don’t think most women truly understand the motive for guys to pay their mistress. I’m lucky I’ve now found an amazing mistress who seems to really understand it, but it has taken more than a year of searching.

7) How often should a good Domme keep in touch with you?

I think a good domme should be in contact as much as possible. Ideally everyday as not only does it keep them interested but its also feels as though your mistress is part of your everyday life.

8) Do you think a genuine financial dominatrix directory and review site would help guys find and rate good financial dominatrices perhaps?

Yes possibly, but I’m not just into be a sub just to be a financial slave, I also enjoy being controlled in other areas, i.e. what time I’m told to sleep, get up/ what I’m allowed to eat/ whether I’m allowed out with friends etc.

9) Isn’t this addictive?

Yes it can be, but for me I enjoy having a Mistress in my life and even though I absolutely love it, I still work as a normal person and enjoy life.

10) What can a “Goddess” do to make someone like you really happy?

To be honest I enjoy making my Mistress happy and that’s what is important for me. A good Mistress will now and again give you a treat and that’s enough for me.

11) What makes your current Domme Alexis better than any other you have looked for then?

Mistress Alexi is by far and away the best I’ve ever come across because she understands what a sub feels and is an everyday Mistress which contacts you everyday and not just using you for a day or so.

12) If Alexis asked you to label yourself, what would the description say?

‘Property of Mistress Alexi’.

13) Do you feel you need to compete with Alexis’s other money slaves?

No not at all, I accept that she may want more than one, and also I know that there are not too many slaves that are genuine and for life. Most are just bored and want some attention for a bit and then you don’t hear from them for a while; whereas I’m a serious/honest slave who is long term and will obey Mistress Alexi 24/7.

14) What do you say to the guys that criticize the girls and guys involved in this saying things like its strange in some way or 
disturbing etc? Perhaps you could clear up some of the misunderstandings out there?

I can understand that, but I’m old enough to make decisions myself and its what I enjoy doing.

15) Is it just a form of escapism? What else do you do to relax?

I work quite hard anyway so I don’t have loads of time to myself but I enjoy playing/watching sports, going out for a drink with my mates and generally being like any other person.

“Thanks Matt, I hope that this interview will help enlighten the people outside the community in some way as to the enjoyment men get out of this and perhaps also educate other fin doms about what they should be doing to keep guys like you.”

These answers are all honest and I hope that it helps“.

They do, thanks again.


Incoming search terms:

  • money domme

In this months feature, Rinsing.org.uk interviews real life rinser Alexis. In our exclusive interview with the dominatrix rinser who goes by the name Mistress Alexis on her twitter profile, we delve deeper into her world where men just love “her” owning “their” wallets! Alexis sure does like to be spoiled and judging by some of her twitter followers comments, she certainly does this well and truly know’s how to tease them and get what she wants. So lets kick off.

1) How did you get into rinsing Alexis?

A friend of mine was talking about it and it appealed to me.

2) Where did you go to learn all this stuff?

I haven’t learnt much. I just get to know different personalities and what makes them tick. I am who I am and that’s what I use :)

3) How do you find real genuine submissive’s ?

If they are genuine they treat me from the off and we gain proper relationships.

4) Is the control or money part more fun for you ?

Both!! I love the fact I can control my subs and they love to give me their money.

5) Cash or gifts ?

Both :)

 6) How many “money men” have you got right now “working” for you ?


7) Is it important that you enjoy financial domination too ?

Of course! If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be doing it.

8) What do you say to the people against rinsing, you know the one’s that say “lazy” “materialistic” and worse ? What don’t they understand ?

People out there are going to do it. why shouldn’t I? People like this or they wouldn’t treat and pay up. We are all adults.

9) If a wealthy admirer deposited £10,000 into your bank account today, what would you spend it on ?

A holiday and book some courses at uni.

10) What makes a good rinser in your opinion ?

Someone who keeps up relationships with their slaves/subs., they have to gain from it also.

11) How much of your time does the work take up ?

A lot, but I enjoy it. I can have a giggle and talk about things you wouldn’t in everyday circumstances.

12) How often should you tweet?

A lot to gain interest.

13) Can any women do this ? Why ?

NO. you have to enjoy what you are doing. I’ve had msgs asking how to talk and that they are nervous, this I find is the wrong sort of thing to be doing. I am a strong woman and I love to talk about things that are not spoken of really. I am in tune with my sexuality and what turns me on, this isn’t just about money or gifts.

14) How do you get a break with all the other girls competing out there ?

erm……. it’s hard I guess it depends on the individual. If you and your slave click then he’s yours.

15) What do you do to relax ?

I love to read, drink red wine :) go shopping and meals out with the girlies. I also love my animals so walking the dogs and horse riding is great.

 Thanks Alexis!

If you are a guy reading this and like the sound of it all and perhaps want to know how to get Alexis’s attention then she says the first step is a tribute. To tribute a rinser and be worthy of Alexis’s attention (she love’s to be spoilt btw) you can visit her New Amazon wishlist to purchase an item(s) or send her a gift card instead to show her you are serious about this as there are plenty of time wasters.  Next strike up a conversation with her on Alexis’s official twitter account.



This genuine mistress  has one admirer called Matt totally under her spell. She asked him to go without sleep for twenty four hours this weekend to test his limits! Matt did so and enjoyed the experience so much that he even wrote a blog at http://mistressalexi.blogspot.co.uk about his mistress Alexis during the twenty four hours.

Probably feeling quite exhausted he tweeted. “After 23 hours, 50 mins I have 10 mins left to complete my task set by Mistress Alexi and hope iv proved im serious :)

Come back next month when we will be chatting exclusively to Matt.

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