Are Rinsers just Gold Diggers & Can You Make A Living Doing This?
Well ask different people and you’ll get different answers. When the term rinsing men came to light in May of this year, many had no idea what the Channel Four program makers were on about. It seems that the shows title was watered down from “Girls On Top” which Danica Thrall revealed was the title that Channel Four had originally planned for the show featuring women who have a knack at controlling men for financial gain.

As with anything in life there are differing degrees and levels of the art of connecting online with men for money and certainly top of the list of women rinsers has to go to Danica who apparently (according to her Amazon Wishlists ) received a £167,059 3.1 Carat Diamond pendant, an Audi TT and much much more from many admirers via her wishlist.

Despite Danica’s success at getting these luxury gifts, according to the “Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys” show a lot of work goes into becoming and being a rinser. However one girl on the show made less than £1000 in a month. So could this be a career for these girls? Can only a few make it? Many girls who carry out the role on twitter come and go and very few have the knack of getting and keeping guys long term interest. Sustaining the online relationship can be a challenge for some, to get the guy to genuinely become someones sugar daddy or money slave takes time, committment, training to suceed when competing with the thousands of other girls for the same attention. Here is an excellent article by blogger and Editor Chelsea Black on her views of the program and the merits of this as a business model. What are your views/experineces? Are you a rinser, are you a submissive, we love to hear comments from you and your views. Please post below.

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