In this months “inside rinsing” exclusive interview, we follow on from our interview with Alexis and gain an insight into life as her “slave”. Matt @Mattp366 on twitter, a real life submissive who blogged about the fact that he said he’d searched for over a year to find a girl that truly understands the reasons guys enjoy findommes rinsing and controlling them, says that he is so happy he found Alexis.

So without further ado, lets kick the interview off.

1) Hi Matt, how did you get into the rinsing fantasy?

I originally got into call ‘Tv girls’ now and again after I split from my girlfriend a couple of years back. I think it was good to feel I had a women in my life still and made me feel good. I then started calling almost everyday and after 6 months or so I was calling each day. And things progressed from there as I started being dominated over the phone and really enjoyed having someone control me.

2) Do most guys into this have a naturally submissive nature towards girls do you think?

I can only speak for myself but I don’t think so as I am not submissive in everyday life at all. I was a head chef in a busy kitchen for the best part of 4 years and was in control of 7-8 chefs each day. I generally don’t like being told what to do but I really enjoy having a Mistress controlling me 24/7.

3) Is it that some guys are intrigued when a girl is not accessible or untouchable then?

No I think its totally a power thing and that they really enjoy the fact that the women has 100% control.

4) What’s the thrill and satisfaction for you?

Power! Its a great feeling to know you have a Mistress who controls your life :).

5) So is it the tease, humiliation, seduction, surrender or manipulation that is the most powerful part of it?

Again everybody has different fantasies but I love humiliation / tease / manipulation as I feel it makes the women feel most powerful and in control.

6) How hard is it for guys like you who enjoy the scene to find money dommes who truly understand the art of financial domination?

Very hard, I don’t think most women truly understand the motive for guys to pay their mistress. I’m lucky I’ve now found an amazing mistress who seems to really understand it, but it has taken more than a year of searching.

7) How often should a good Domme keep in touch with you?

I think a good domme should be in contact as much as possible. Ideally everyday as not only does it keep them interested but its also feels as though your mistress is part of your everyday life.

8) Do you think a genuine financial dominatrix directory and review site would help guys find and rate good financial dominatrices perhaps?

Yes possibly, but I’m not just into be a sub just to be a financial slave, I also enjoy being controlled in other areas, i.e. what time I’m told to sleep, get up/ what I’m allowed to eat/ whether I’m allowed out with friends etc.

9) Isn’t this addictive?

Yes it can be, but for me I enjoy having a Mistress in my life and even though I absolutely love it, I still work as a normal person and enjoy life.

10) What can a “Goddess” do to make someone like you really happy?

To be honest I enjoy making my Mistress happy and that’s what is important for me. A good Mistress will now and again give you a treat and that’s enough for me.

11) What makes your current Domme Alexis better than any other you have looked for then?

Mistress Alexi is by far and away the best I’ve ever come across because she understands what a sub feels and is an everyday Mistress which contacts you everyday and not just using you for a day or so.

12) If Alexis asked you to label yourself, what would the description say?

‘Property of Mistress Alexi’.

13) Do you feel you need to compete with Alexis’s other money slaves?

No not at all, I accept that she may want more than one, and also I know that there are not too many slaves that are genuine and for life. Most are just bored and want some attention for a bit and then you don’t hear from them for a while; whereas I’m a serious/honest slave who is long term and will obey Mistress Alexi 24/7.

14) What do you say to the guys that criticize the girls and guys involved in this saying things like its strange in some way or 
disturbing etc? Perhaps you could clear up some of the misunderstandings out there?

I can understand that, but I’m old enough to make decisions myself and its what I enjoy doing.

15) Is it just a form of escapism? What else do you do to relax?

I work quite hard anyway so I don’t have loads of time to myself but I enjoy playing/watching sports, going out for a drink with my mates and generally being like any other person.

“Thanks Matt, I hope that this interview will help enlighten the people outside the community in some way as to the enjoyment men get out of this and perhaps also educate other fin doms about what they should be doing to keep guys like you.”

These answers are all honest and I hope that it helps“.

They do, thanks again.


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