50 Shades Of Grey Domination & Rinsing50 Shades Of Grey – Domination & Rinsing Side By Side (For Fun Only!!)

Every one is talking about it! The phenomenal “mummy porn” book by EL James 50 Shades Of Grey has taken the world by storm. The subject of domination, has created quite a stir it seems. With Rinsing it’s the women that are the dominant ones, but in her book a wealthy billionaire male is the dominant kinky character. In a recent interview book author James said she was inundated with emails from readers who said the books had changed their lives and, in many cases, saved their marriages.

“Women of all ages are reading it – from women at university right through to women in their nineties,” she said. “I get the most TMI [too much information] emails you could ever hope for. People go and try this stuff.”

In a rare interview with The Telegraph, the author was asked if any of the females who read the book were attracted by the adventurous and graphic bedroom scenes (Involving control, domination and BDSM) or the fantasy of dating a ludicrously rich man, James replied: “No, it’s the love story. Women like to read a passionate love story.” Hmm, we’ll let you form your own opinions on that one, but all we can say is that this book is more graphic than most passionate Mills & Boon type romance and love stories. This book which is the first mainstream one of its kind to open the “taboo“of domination, control and BDSM to so many millions of females (and males) has been a phenomenal success and will be made into a major movie as well as album deals, if you hadn’t heard already!

To celebrate the album launch and upcoming movie deal, we thought for fun that we’d compare what has got so many women feeling “so hot”; the phenomenon that is 50 shades of grey fictional book with something that has also stirred much contoversy recently, the art of rinsing guys.

Here are some similarities and some difference between 50 shades if grey domination and the art of rinsing.

English: A submissive man worshipping a woman'...

English: A submissive man worshipping a woman’s foot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • 50 Shades of Grey Domination & Rinsing Guys –
    • The Similarities
      1) Both have submissive & dominant roles.
      2) Both involve money or gifts being given by one party to the other.
    • The Differences
      1) Rinsing does not involve any sexual contact.
      2) Rinsing is nearly always conducted online with no face to face meeting between the parties.
      3)With Rinsing the submissive participant pays the dominant, however inthe 50 shades of Grey novel, the wealthy billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey (a male dominant and BDSM master) pays young the submissive  student Anastasia Steele.
      4) In 50 shades of grey the dominant said in the contract that the submissive was the property of the dominant – in rinsing the participant is not the Rinser’s property (unless they wish to be of course).
      5) In 50 Shades, the man is in control (dominant male) and the female is submissive. With Rinsing Guys & Domination the guy is the submisive one and the female is the dominant.

If you can think of any other one’s then leave them below. Happy rinsing and reading! :)

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