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Heard about “Rinsing” or the other latest phrase “Rinsing Guys“? Well the Internet has been awash with comments on the new craze of attractive young women getting free luxurious gifts or money from wealthy men mainly via the internet. The channel four documentary called Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys has bought this phenomenon into the public’s eye.

There have been other terms used for such practices in the past like  “Gold Diggers” or having a “Sugar Daddy”,  but the new term “rinsing” demonstrates how a woman can use her feminine charms to get men to give them rich pickings.  Killer Louboutin heels, sexy Jimmy Choos, Agent Provocateur lingerie, sexy sparkly cocktail dresses, Cartier or Channel watches, cars, exotic holidays, diamond necklaces, plenty of designer clothing and other luxuries to fulfil these girls extravagant lifestyles is what it is all about.

Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys by BigBrotherUK13

The show that got everyone talking about the new “Rinsing” craze on twitter and forums called Sex, Lies & rinsing Guys, featured the lives of  “rinsers” Jeannette Worthington, Danica Thrall and Hollie Capper who make a living “rinsing” rich guys. The wealthy men indulge in these women and spend plenty of money on the “rinsers” in return for what seems to many people on the surface very little.  The girls have had all sorts of comments online, some good and others criticising their lifestyle.

The traditional definition of rinsing meaning to Wash (something), like rinsing rice or rinsing chicken now has a very different meaning when it comes to pretty young women who want to rinse men; they are not using clean water to remove soap, detergent, dirt, or impurities. no no no they are using their charm to get luxury gifts or money.

The girls who rinse guys usually have wish lists on Amazon or use social media networks like facebook, twitter or BBM to show off what they want to their admirers. Whilst the manipulation of men for financial gain is part of the process, sex is never on offer with rinser girls. In fact most often they never even meet these guys, some of whom are rich men. The girls, instead use their charm, for “friendship”, flirtation, humiliation and or femininity to get what they want.

So if you can’t afford the price tag, would you go and look to rinse a guy for goodies and his money? Do you agree with the lifestyle?  To the people on the outside of the scene it stirs up very strong debate and opinion, however this is an enterprise that already exists in which both men and women are participating in and one in which most of them enjoy it seems, as it appears to fulfil both parties needs, wants and desires.

Financial domination

Domination is nothing new, but perhaps financial domination or the act of being dominated or humiliated by women as highlighted in one part of the the channel four documentary when Hollie Capper acted out a financial dominatrix role over a man is the biggest kick for the man. Can the thrill and enjoyment of the process be the sheer humiliation of it all for some men? Of course there are two sides to the story. Whilst some would say that the women may appear manipulative, the men who partciipate with rinsers often see things differently, a few may have more money than they can spend and may like the feeling of power as they are able to buy a pretty woman a nice gold watch or anything she desires because he can, where other men have the opposite thrill of being dominated by a powerful sexy controlling woman and by acting in a a submissive manner to her by giving their money or buying gifts and in some case control of their wallet to get an ego reduction.

The enjoyment for the ladies apparently is that they can be spoilt and looked after, to take away some money worries in certain cases or perhaps get things that they may not be able to afford themselves and can then later show off to their friends what they have been bought by the man.

Is it right? Whats your view? Give your opinion on the rinsing phenonmen with our visitors poll on the right.

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